From the Shadows / Din umbre (2020)


From the Shadows / Din Umbre tells a history twenty years in the making - the rise of a subculture and its struggle to build and define Romanian Hip Hop.


The history of Romanian Hip Hop is a story of the underdog threaded by a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ spirit that emerged from the shadows of Communism to provide an alternate voice for a society in transition. In spite of its immediate cultural marginalization, Romanian Hip Hop took the country’s rapidly-growing music industry by storm, becoming one of the highest-selling genre by the end of the 1990s. Developing a prolific and self-sustaining underground strand, the movement’s maturity in the 21st century has brought it to a new level of consciousness. Through the efforts of artists, labels and fans, Romanian Hip Hop’s impact is now seen and felt more than in any previous years.


This film is the first visual study to document the shaping of Romanian Hip Hop from its origins to its current, active role within a culture that now, more than ever, demands an identity in tune with the global changes happening around it.

Production status: In development

Developed with the support of the Creative Europe programme – MEDIA of the European Union.


Sebastian Cîmpean
Andrei Tănăsescu
Tudor Giurgiu
Cristian Hordilă

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