In Search of the Lost Father / In cautarea tatalui pierdut (2016)

Length: 61'


When John was born, in 1934, his mother gifted him with three names: John, Constantin, and Brâncuşi. She told him his father was Constantin Brâncuşi, the famous sculptor, but that he was never to tell a soul. John kept this a secret his entire life. Today, at the age of 78, he embarked on a difficult quest to find his lost father. 

Production status: Released

The film follows the struggle of John Moore to be recognised as the son of Constantin Brâncuși, this fight putting the great artist’s legacy into a new perspective. Ionuț Teianu followed him from Paris to New York and to Hobița, the Romanian village where Brâncuși was born.

Ionuț Teianu previously directed the documentary The Tănase Dossier / Afacerea Tănase (2013, Libra Film) and wrote the script of Of Snails and Men / Despre oameni și melci (by Tudor Giurgiu, 2012).

Director: Ionuț Teianu
Scriptwriter: Ionuț Teianu
Cinematography: Ionuț Teianu
Editor: Alina Teodorescu
Original music: Cristian Lolea
Producer: Tudor Giurgiu
Produced by: Libra Film
Co-produced by: Piments Pourpres (France)
With the support of the Romanian National Film Center
John Moore

Selected at:
Transilvania International Film Festival 2016, Romanian Days competition