Occasional Spies / Spioni de ocazie (2020)


Two years after the war started, fearing the destiny of the war prisoners, British Intelligence realized they do not have any agents in Eastern Europe, their Russian allies are not to be trusted and there is no time to infiltrate British spies either. An odd proposal came out – 250 Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe in Mandate Palestine, volunteered to be trained by British Intelligence as to be sent behind the enemy lines, in their countries of origin occupied now by Germans. Only 110 underwent training. Thirty-two were eventually parachuted and some infiltrated the target countries by other routes. Three of the parachutists infiltrated Hungary; five participated in the Slovak National Uprising in October 1944, ten parachutists served with British liaison missions to the Yugoslav partisans and nine parachutists operated in Romania to offer information and to try rescuing 1100 American and British prisoners of war, mainly aircrew. The Germans captured twelve and executed seven of them, among them Hannah Szenes, who became the best-known figure from the parachutists. But who were the others, what was their drive? Did they succeed in their missions? What happened to them and which was the underground mission Mossad have given them?

Production status: In production

The historical documentary tells a World War 2 little-known story about a group of ordinary young people transformed over-night in secret agents and sent by the British Intelligence in a serious mission behind enemy lines, in German-occupied Eastern Europe. They had to find an escape route for the Allies’ war prisoners and to organize the resistance movement. An almost suicide mission as these agents were Jewish young people from Palestine, sent back in their countries of origins, where their brothers were facing the “final solution”.


Directed by: Oana Giurgiu
Producer: Bogdan Crăciun
Production company: Libra Film

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