Piano / Piano (2013)

Afis Piano
Original title: Piano
English title: Piano
Director: Dorian Boguță
Produced by: Libra Film, Actoriedefilm.ro
Production year: 2013
Length: 20 minutes
Genre: Short film
Production status: Released

He wants her. She wants him. One bed, both of them in it. Even though they are been declaring their love for each other for more than an year now, still it’s not enough for their love affair to work today even thought it worked so many times before. It’s not routine.  It’s not boredom.  It’s something we all have to face. And when you think everything will work out, here comes reality knocking everything down.

Director: Dorian Boguță
Scriptwriter: Dorian Boguță
Cinematography: Liviu Pojoni Jr.
Editing: Dana Bunescu
Sound: Vlad Voinescu, Radu Stancu
Production Design: Malina Ionescu
Producer: Tudor Giurgiu

Adelaida Perjoiu
Elias Felkin
Șerban Pavlu

Selected at:
Next International Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, April 2014
IPIFF, Independent Producers Indie Film Festival, Targu Jiu, September 2014