Sibiu ’89

Original title: Sibiu ’89
English title: Sibiu ’89
Director: Tudor Giurgiu
Produced by: Libra Films
Production status: In production

December 21st, 1989. Morning. Ion Fagadaru (35), a Police Major working for the Criminal Investigation Department receives a phone call urging him to the headquarters. In Sibiu, people had started getting out onto the street early in the morning, to demonstrate against Nicolae Ceaușescu and the regime. During the confrontations, several demonstrators had been arrested.

Later during the day, the conflict spins up, a new wave of demonstrators take the building of the Inspectorate by storm. The people inside, including Ion, have to resist the attack of the furious revolutionaries, but soon he becomes one of the prisoners, supposedly “terrorists”. 

Directed by: Tudor Giurgiu  
Screenplay: Tudor Giurgiu, Napoleon Helmis
Production Company: Libra Films