Sibiu ’89

Original title: Sibiu ’89
English title: Sibiu ’89
Director: Tudor Giurgiu
Produced by: Libra Films; Co-produced by: Mythberg Films (Ungaria); With the support of Centrul Național al Cinematografiei, National Film Institute (Hungary)
Production status: In production

Based on real events from the Revolution that overthrown the Communist regime, Sibiu ’89 reenacts a lesser-known story about those chaotic days of violent civil unrest that led to a bloody confrontation between the Army forces and Ceaușescu’s repression instruments, the Miliția and Securitate (the secret police). In the maddening hunt for the so-called “terrorists” responsible for the killings, panic and confusion ensues. No one’s to be trusted, everyone could be an enemy, ordinary people turn into torturers, but at the end of the day, who were the real terrorists?

Directed by: Tudor Giurgiu  
Script: Cecilia Ștefănescu, Tudor Giurgiu
Production Company: Libra Film
DOP: Alex Sterian
Producers: Oana Bujgoi Giurgiu, Tudor Giurgiu, Jozsef Berger
Associate Producer: Bogdan Crăciun
Editor: Lemhenyi Reka
Costumes: Viorica Petrovici
Art Direction: Vali Ighigheanu
Alex Calangiu
Cătălin Herlo
Ionuț Caras
Iulian Postelnicu
Alexandru Papadopol
Ștefan Iancu
Costel Cașcaval
Mirela Oprișor