The Moromete Family 2 / Morometii 2 (2018)


A sequel to the well known adaptation of the novel Moromeții (The Moromete Family), written by Marin Preda, one of the best post-WW2 Romanian novelists. In the classic 1987 film, director Stere Gulea has managed to convey, through the character of Ilie Moromete, remarkably played by Victor Rebengiuc, the archetype of the Romanian peasant.


The scenario of sequel resumes the story of the Moromete family after the Second World War, in an extremely troubled historical context: the first years of the communist regime. The two main characters, Ilie Moromete and his son, Niculae, see these complex changes with different eyes, which is a source of permanent conflict.

Production status: Released
Production year: 2018

Written and directed by: Stere Gulea
Producer: Tudor Giurgiu
Director of photography: Vivi Dragan Vasile
Production design: Cristian Niculescu
Costume design: Dana Paparuz
Produced by: Libra Film
Horațiu Mălăele
Dana Dogaru
Iosif Pastina
Razvan Vasilescu
George Mihaita
Andi Vasluianu
Oana Pellea
Ion Caramitru
Gheoghe Visu
Florin Zamfirescu
Paul Ipate
Cuzin Toma
Liviu Pintileasa
Dorina Chiriac

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