Why Me? / De ce eu? (2015)

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Original title: De ce eu?
English title: Why me?
Director: Tudor Giurgiu
Produced by: Libra Film Productions. Co-producers: Hai-Hui Entertainment, Chouchkov Brothers, Cor Leonis Films
Production year: 2014
Length: 130 min
Production status: Released

Based on real events,  Why Me? tells the story of Cristian (played by Emilian Oprea), a young idealistic prosecutor whose career is on the rise, tries to crack a case against a senior colleague accused of corruption. The dilemma of choosing between his career and the truth weighs heavily on his shoulders. Looking further to solve the case, he enters a danger zone paved with unexpected and painful revelations.

Tudor Giurgiu: “A film so strongly grounded in reality can be made in a thousand ways. I am very much preoccupied with disassembling the mechanisms by which a man, who is strong both physically as well as figuratively, can come to take his own life within no more than 20 days. What internal mechanism is activated, when you find that the entire system within which you are working is corrupt and rotten to its very core? This is a film about the quick disintegration of a man who has chosen to fight the system from within”

Why Me? is produced by Libra Film, with the support of the Romanian National Film Center, Bulgarian National Film Center, Eurimages, MEDIA Program and SEE Cinema Network, with the participation of HBO Romania. Co-producers: Hai-Hui Entertainment, Chouchkov Brothers, Cor Leonis Films

The project has been developed with the support of Berlinale Coproduction Market, EAVE – European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs and CineLink Co-Production Market

Director: Tudor Giurgiu
Scriptwriters: Tudor Giurgiu, Loredana Novak
Cinematography: Marius Panduru
Editing: Lemhenyi Reka
Art direction: Cristian Niculescu
Costumes: Szelyes Andrea
Make-up: Valentin Valov
Music: Viktor Chouchkov
Sound design: Florin Tăbăcaru, Dumitru Alexandru, Liviu Lupșa
Producers: Oana Giurgiu; Co-producers: Borislav Chouchkov, Viktor Chouchkov, Maria Metodieva, Vagasi Emoke
Emilian Oprea
Mihai Constantin
Andreea Vasile
Liviu Pintileasa
Dan Condurache
Alin Florea
Sore Mihalache
Lucreția Mandric
Mihai Smarandache
Ionuț Caras
Winner of Award of the Bulgarian Guild of Film Critics for the best film in the Balkan Competition - Sofia International Film Festival, March 2015
Special Mention - Andrei Tarkovsky International Film Festival Zerkalo - Ivanovo, June 2015
Special prize of the international ecumenical jury - CineFest - Festival International Miskolci, Hungary, September 2015

Selected at:
Transilvania International Film Festival, Cluj Napoca, Romania 2015
Berlin International Film Festival, February 2015
Vilnius International Film Festival, April 2015
Beaune International Thriller Film Festival 2015, April 2015
Go East Wiesbaden Festival of Central and Eastern European Film, April 2015
ArtFilm Fest, Slovakia, June 2016
Odessa International Film Festival, Ukraine, July 2015
Motovun IFF, Croatia, July 2015
Cambridge IFF, UK, September 2015
Helsinki Film Festival, Finland, September 2015