America, Here We Come! / America, venim! (2014)

Original title: America, Venim!
English title: America, Here We Come!
Director: Răzvan Săvescu
Produced by: Libra Film; Co-produced by: Hai Hui Entertainment
Production year: 2014
Length: 90'
Production status: Released

Six Romanian artists get to live the dream of their life in a road-movie full of adventures.

Coming all the way from the little town of Târgovişte, five actors, the director, and a little child with his huge teddy bear, are crossing the ocean to perform in New York. Not everything goes according to plan though, and the actors decide, for some extra money, to start working with a local agent, also Romanian and settled in US for some time, who promises them a major tour. Will their misadventures come to an end or are they just beginning?

Director: Răzvan Săvescu
Scriptwriters: Oana Ioachim, Răzvan Săvescu
Cinematography: Liviu Mărghidan
Editing: Tudor Pojoni
Music: Marius Mihalache
Art direction & Costumes: Mălina Ionescu
Executive Producer: Bogdan Crăciun
Producer: Tudor Giurgiu
Produced by: Libra Film; Co-produced by: Hai Hui Entertainment
Sound design: Alexandru Dragomir, Sebastian Szemlye
Gheorghe Ifrim
Adrian Văncică
Ion Sapdaru
Tania Popa
Ștefan Giurgiu
Ioana Blaj
Mihai Călin
Alexandru Bindea
Mira Furlan
Oana Ioachim

Selected at:
Transilvania International Film Festival, Cluj Napoca, Romania 2014