Australia (2009)

Original title: Australia
English title: Australia
Director: Claudiu Mitcu
Produced by: An HBO Romania original production. Co-produced by Libra Film
Production year: 2009
Length: 64 min
Genre: Documentary
Production status: Released

In 2008, Romania participated for the first time in the Homeless World Cup Finals, which took place in Melbourne. This is the story of the seven players in the national squad, from the moment they came together as a team and until the end of the tournament. Go Romania!

A film about ”the first participation of Romania’s national homeless team at a Football World Cup. It happened in Australia and what can I say… it was an experience I will never forget […] I met some people who had a very difficult life, but who were very aware of themselves and the world around them and who had a moral stance I have not encountered many times among the people I know” (Claudiu Mitcu,

Director: Claudiu Mitcu
Scriptwriter: Claudiu Mitcu
Cinematography: Toma Velio
Editing: Cătălin F. Cristuțiu
Sound design: Vlad Voinescu
Producers: Carmen Harabagiu, Andrei Crețulescu, Aurelian Nica
Mihai Rosuș
Florin Bătrînu
Vasile Bereghi
Beniamin Calancea
Pavel Calancea
Daniel Podina
Claudiu Kostity