Chronicle of a Death Foretold / Cronica unei morti amanate (2007)

Original title: Cronica unei morti amanate
English title: Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Director: Andrei Gruzsniczki
Produced by: Libra Film Production. In co-production with AFG Film and Pozitiv Film.
Production year: 2007
Length: 25 min
Genre: Short Film
Production status: Released

The film tells the story of an old man, hit by a tram that is brought at a hospital morgue from Bucharest. When Cecil Bulumac (the doctor) and the nurse are ready to start the autopsy, they realize that the old man is still alive, but is serious injured and needs help. Frightened by the thought that police might come, they decide not to call a doctor, waiting for the man to die

Director: Andrei Gruzsniczki
Scriptwriter: Andrei Gruzsniczki, Razvan Cucui
Cinematography: Mihai Tanase
Editing: Silviu Marianciuc
Composer: Cristian Lolea
Sound design: Alex Dragomir, Sebastian Szemlye
Set design: Dana Istrate
Make-up: Andreea Barsan
Producer: Corina Stan
Constantin Ghenescu
Doru Ana
Luminita Erga