Oli’s Wedding / Nunta lui Oli (2009)

Length: 22 min


Alone in his kitchen in Bucharest, Dorel prepares for what seems to be a party. Actually, it’s his son’s wedding which takes place in the USA. Dorel is going to watch the wedding through a webcam toghether with two of his son’s friends. On the small display they are going to meet the bride, her father and will witness the ceremony. A bitter-sweet story about scattered families and lonely parents.

Production status: Released

A Libra Film Production


In co-production with Hai-Hui Entertainment


A film made with the support of the The National Centre of Cinematography – Romania

Director: Tudor Cristian Jurgiu
Scriptwriter: Tudor Cristian Jurgiu
Producer: Bogdan Craciun
DOP: Andrei Butica
Set design: Maria Stroe
Editing: Filip Muresan
Sound design: Filip Muresan, Vlad Voinescu
Adrian Titieni
Alexandru Gatstramb
George Costea
Ioan Cortea
Alexandra Fasola
Vlad Radescu

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