Our Big Time (2012)

Original title: Blutsbrüder teilen alles
English title: Our Big Time
Director: Wolfram Paulus
Produced by: Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR). Co-produced by Libra Film, ORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen Pinguin Filmproduktion, SK-Film- & Fernsehproduktion, SRTV
Production year: 2012
Length: 88 minutes
Genre: Drama
Production status: Released

Graz 1944. The bombs are no longer targeted at industrial towns only. All cultural centres of the so-called “Ostmark” face numerous air raid warnings per day. Even the children of these towns are now evacuated. The last wave of the children evacuation programme has begun.

Ferry and Alex, two blood brothers as defined by Karl May, are smart, bustling, curious and highly pubescent boys and have no interest whatsoever in being evacuated along with the others.

They have come to terms with everyday life during the war. The two have managed to push into the black market trade, consider themselves as future STUKA pilots and therefore receive news from the front via the anti-aircraft post. Additionally, Ferry and Alex have persuaded a fiery girl named Rosa to make them acquainted with the secrets of sexuality.

Director: Wolfram Paulus
Scriptwriter: Wolfram Paulus
Cinematography: Tudor Mircea
Editing: Cordula Werner
Sound design: Dietmar Zuson
Original Music: Hannes Michael Schalle, Peter Valentin
Production design: Dan Toader
Costumes: Svetlana Mihăilescu
Producer: Josef Koschier
Co-producer: Tudor Giurgiu
Daniela Nane
Susanne Lothar
Rudy Rosenfeld
Monica Ghiuţă
Udo Samel
Ciprian Chiriţă
Cătălin Adrian Iova
Lorenz Willkomm
Benedikt Hösl
Johannes Nussbaum, Andrei Voicu, Adrian Ancuţa