Superman, Spiderman sau Batman (2011)

Original title: Superman, Spiderman or Batman
English title: Superman, Spiderman or Batman
Director: Tudor Giurgiu
Produced by: Libra Film Production
Production year: 2011
Length: 11 minutes
Genre: Short film
Production status: Released

Aron, a 5-year-old boy, sets together with his worried father on a journey at the end of which he wishes, like the superheroes in the comic books, to save his mother suffering from a heart condition.

Director: Tudor Giurgiu
Screenplay: Doru Lupeanu
Cinematography: Adrian Silișteanu
Editing: Eugen Kelemen
Executive producer: Bogdan Crăciun
Bogdan Zsolt
Aaron Serban
Elena Ivanca
Cornel Răileanu
Valladolid International Film Festival, Valladolid, Spain 2011 - Best European Short - Nominated for the European Film Awards
Aspen Shortfest - Best Drama - 2012
KALIBER35 Munich International Short Film Festival, Germany, 2012 - Best Short
Manhattan Short International Film Festival, NY, U.S.A., 2012 - Best Short
European Film Awards, Malta, 2012 - Best European Short

Selected at:
Transilvania International Film Festival - TIFF, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2011
Festivalul de Film Independent ANONIMUL, Sf. Gheorghe, Romania 2011
Warsaw Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland 2011
Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Salonic, Greece 2011
Dakino International Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania 2011
International Short Film Festival - ŻUBROFFKA, Bialystok, Poland 2011
International Short Film Festival Leuven, Belgium, 2011
Trieste Film Festival, Trieste, Italy 2011
Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, Nijmegen, the Netherlands 2011
Aspen Shortfest