The Bear / Ursul (2011)

Original title: Ursul
English title: The Bear
Director: Dan Chișu
Produced by: Libra Film Production. Co-produced by Hai-Hui Entertainment and Dakino Film Production Production.
Production year: 2010
Length: 100 min
Production status: Released

At the Bucharest Circus, the new young manager is trying to solve the major financial issues of the company by selling its only bear (old and about to die soon) to German hunters. But the artists do not want to sacrifice their favourite animal so the manager decides to steal the bear and run to the mountains to meet the Germans.

A crazy road movie starts following the bear

A project developed with the support of Anonimul Foundation and the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.

Director: Dan Chișu
Scriptwriter: Dan Chișu
Cinematography: Vivi Dragan Vasile
Editing: Nita Chivulescu
Original music: Goran Bregovic
Sound: Liviu Lupșa, Christinel Șirli, Sebastian Zsemlye
Production design: Dan Toader
Make-up: Dana Roșeanu, Iulia Roșeanu
Producers: Dan Chișu, Tudor Giurgiu
Șerban Pavlu
Mihai Constantin
Magda Catone
Claudiu Bleonț
Gabriel Spahiu
Andreea Gramoșteanu
Șerban Celea
Cuzin Toma
Radu Gabriel
Axel Moustache, Cosmin Selesi, Nicodim Ungureanu
Cottbus International Film Festival - Best Pitch Award