15 minutes

A boy is waiting for his parents to come back from Italy, to spend Christmas together. He hasn’t seen them for a year. On this Christmas, he must face the major crisis of his life: Is there a Santa Claus or not?

Director: Tudor Giurgiu
Screenplay: Roxana Trofin
Cinematography: Adrian Silișteanu
Editing: Eugen Kelemen
Produced by Libra Film
Marius Ionut Pacurar
Maria Seles
Ovidiu Crisan
Anca Hanu
Selected at: 
Festivalul International de Film Transilvania, Cluj, Romania, 2012
ANONIMUL Independent Film Festival, Sf. Gheorghe, Romania 2012
Making Waves, NY, U.S.A., 2012
24th Trieste Film Festival, Italia, 2012
Sofia International Film Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013
Cinequest Film Festival, San Jose, California USA, 2013
Next International Film Festival, Bucuresti, Romania, 2013
26th Helsinki Intl' Film Festival 2013, Finland
Milano International Film Festival, 2013, Italy