Breaking News (2017)

08/16/2017 - 12:14
After the tragic death of his cameraman, which he indirectly caused, reporter Alex Mazilu has to make an in-memoriam reportage covering his life. 3 days before Christmas, in a small town on the Black Sea coast, Alex puts together puzzle pieces of this man’s life, all seen through the eyes of his troubled 15 year old daughter. Trying to redeem the dead father, he slowly starts...

Above Man, the Woman Soars / Apropierea (2018)

10/14/2016 - 13:39
The movie depicts the story of Adrian (Mihai Smarandache), a poet who emigrates illegally to Spain in 2002 and finds employment as a night guard at a car dealership managed by Rafael (Luis Bermejo). Adrian’s life is forever changed on the Night of San Juan, when he meets Maria (Belén Cuesta), a guitar player in a jazz band.

The Moromete Family 2 / Morometii 2 (2018)

10/19/2016 - 16:24
A sequel to the well known adaptation of the novel Moromeții (The Moromete Family), written by Marin Preda, one of the best post-WW2 Romanian novelists. In the classic 1987 film, director Stere Gulea has managed to convey, through the character of Ilie Moromete, remarkably played by Victor Rebengiuc, the archetype of the Romanian peasant.   The scenario of sequel resumes the...

And They May Still Be Alive Today / Si poate mai traiesc si azi (2018)

10/19/2016 - 16:44
When Vlad is jealous Clara is sure of herself. When Clara is enthusiastic, Vlad is bored. When Vlad is happy, Clara is depressed. When Clara is furious, Vlad is calm. Only when Vlad becomes Prince Charming, does Clara finally become his princess.  

Occasional Spies / Spioni de ocazie (2018)

10/21/2016 - 14:21
Two years after the war started, fearing the destiny of the war prisoners, British Intelligence realized they do not have any agents in Eastern Europe, their Russian allies are not to be trusted and there is no time to infiltrate British spies either. An odd proposal came out – 250 Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe in Mandate Palestine, volunteered to be trained by British...

Menocchio (2017)

10/19/2016 - 16:04
Italy. Late 1500s, counter-reformation – the genesis of the battle between the power of the Church of Rome and the local authorities. The battlefield is the conscience of the faithful and the instrument is confession. The objective: total control over the soul, more so even than the body. Nothing, absolutely nothing must escape the ears of the Holy Office of the Inquisition,...

The Wind Seeker/ Cautatorul de vant (2018)

11/22/2016 - 17:49
Radu is living in a continuous inertia. One day he receives the implacable verdict that he has only few more months left to live. He chooses to run away from death, until exhaustion, nding refuge in a small isolated village. Just like in a realm of "passing", the waiting for death will transform itself into the forgetting of it. And there lies the awareness of the joy of...

In Search of the Lost Father / In cautarea tatalui pierdut (2016)

07/06/2016 - 13:06
When John was born, in 1934, his mother gifted him with three names: John, Constantin, and Brâncuşi. She told him his father was Constantin Brâncuşi, the famous sculptor, but that he was never to tell a soul. John kept this a secret his entire life. Today, at the age of 78, he embarked on a difficult quest to find his lost father. 

The History of Love / Povestea iubirii (2016)

07/05/2016 - 16:36
What if a book written before World War II in a little village in Eastern Europe could shine through the years, crossing continents and surviving violent conflicts, to guide the journey of three generations? This book is entitled THE HISTORY OF LOVE.   New York, the 21st century. Leo, an old Polish Jewish immigrant, lives with the memory of the great love of his life. Despite...

One Hour at Mamaia / O ora la Mamaia

12/19/2016 - 14:44
1985, communist Romania, at the seaside. A 14 year old Romanian boy and a 13 year old Swedish girl meet and talk for about an hour. It is the beginning of a correspondence that will last for more than two decades. 26 years after, the two have the chance to meet again.    This is not just a love story. It is a story about communism seen through the eyes of two teenagers who...

October / Octombrie

12/19/2016 - 15:39
A 18 year old teenager receives an odd request from his father: he asks him to try to convince his best friend, a 40 year old man, to not commit suicide. 

Oublier Bucarest / Despartirea de Bucuresti

12/19/2016 - 15:00
A road trip along the centuries at the heart of one family, seen through the eyes of a boy. From Moldova to Transylvania - followed by the Turks, from Paris to Sibiu - before the communist regime came to power and the borders were closed, and then from Bucharest to the West - once the boy grew.


12/19/2016 - 15:31
Abel and Anka live isolated on a small lake shore in an old house. Life here seems heavenly: it's all about nature and simplicity. But the natural order starts falling apart. As the fish start dying, the couple's relationship goes into an existential crisis. No one knows the cause. Does the disease that affects this small paradise also destroys the harmony of this relationship...


12/19/2016 - 15:22
Éva is a woman over forty who suffers from a disease called SCM (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). She is allergic to all chemicals, radio waves and electromagnetic fields. This makes her unable to work and to live a normal life. Her brother is convinced that a transmitter that a mobile phone company installed on a roof opposite her window is worsening her condition. He files a...

From the Shadows / Din umbre (2017)

10/31/2013 - 18:47
From the Shadows / Din Umbre tells a history twenty years in the making - the rise of a subculture and its struggle to build and define Romanian Hip Hop.   The history of Romanian Hip Hop is a story of the underdog threaded by a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ spirit that emerged from the shadows of Communism to provide an alternate voice for a society in transition. In spite of its...

First Night / Prima noapte (2016)

09/14/2016 - 12:48
Alex's birthday is approaching, and his father Calin has prepared a very special surprise: the first night with a girl. 

Summer Break / Vacanta la tara (2015)

07/04/2016 - 10:58
Mircea and his cousin Denis are spending the summer vacation at their grandparents house, in the countryside. Used to the city life, the two teenagers soon get bored and, in order to have some fun and hopefully attract media attention, they secretly create some crop circles in a nearby wheat field.

The World is Mine / Lumea e a mea (2015)

10/31/2013 - 19:00
Sixteen-year-old Larisa lives in a small town by the sea. Her relationship with her mother, who struggles with a lack of finances, is far from ideal, and in addition to that, the girl has to care for her helpless grandmother pretty much by herself. When Larisa falls in love with Florin, the local playboy, she acquires a powerful enemy in Anna, a girl from a wealthy family who...

Cinema, Mon Amour (2015)

10/31/2013 - 18:40
Cinema, Mon Amour follows the story of Victor Purice – manager, former projectionist and lifetime cinephile along with his two employees, Cornelia & Lorena, in their everyday battle to preserve Dacia Panoramic Cinema in Piatra Neamt – one of the last remaining cinemas in Romania today. Having lived through “the golden age” of cinema, Victor dreams of bringing back the...

Why Me? / De ce eu? (2015)

03/21/2012 - 11:13
Based on real events, Why Me? tells the story of Cristian (played by Emilian Oprea), a young idealistic prosecutor whose career is on the rise, tries to crack a case against a senior colleague accused of corruption. The dilemma of choosing between his career and the truth weighs heavily on his shoulders. Looking further to solve the case, he enters a danger zone paved with...

Aliyah DaDa / Aliyah DaDa (2014)

03/21/2012 - 11:12
Aliyah DaDa presents a well documented history of Jews in Romania. In 1882, a small community in  Moinești was leaving for the Holy Land, to establish one of the first settlements in Palestine. Since then, the path of Jews towards Israel has been intertwined with the history of modern Romania through a love-hate bond, the influences of which might not be ever quantified. The...

The Japanese Dog / Cainele Japonez (2013)

10/22/2013 - 10:54
After twenty years, an old man, widowed by the recent floods, and his son, who has been living in Japan, see each other again for the first time. Their expectations run high and during this brief reencounter, both try to overcome the distance that has grown between them. When his son and his family have to part, they leave him a Japanese Robodog as a souvenir of their visit...

America, Here We Come! / America, Venim! (2014)

10/29/2013 - 18:35
Six Romanian artists get to live the dream of their life in a road-movie full of adventures.   Coming all the way from the little town of Târgovişte five actors, the director, and a little child with his huge teddy bear, are crossing the ocean to perform in New York. Not everything goes according to plan though, and the actors decide, for some extra money, to start working...

The Tanase Affair / Afacerea Tanase (2013)

03/21/2012 - 11:15
In 1982 the newly elected president of France François Mitterrand faces romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu through an espionage story worthy of a police novel, a conflict during the Cold War a backstage fight between the secret services of the two countries DST and the Securitate.   In january 1982, Ceausescu asks one of his agents to kill two romanian dissidents in Paris,...

Claudiu And The Fish / Claudiu si crapii (2013)

10/20/2013 - 16:36
Claudiu works in a big supermarket, at the fresh fish department. Day by day, he watches the live carps struggling to move and breathe in their small, overpacked aquarium. When one of them starts coughing like a human being, Claudiu decides to take action.

Canibal / Cannibal (2013)

10/23/2013 - 19:07
Carlos is the most prestigious tailor in Granada, but he’s also a murderer in the shadows. He feels no remorse, no guilt, until Nina appears in his life. She will make him realize the true nature of his acts and, for the first time, love awakens. Carlos is evil incarnate, unaware of itself. Nina is pure innocence. And Cannibal is a demon’s love story.

Piano / Piano (2013)

10/21/2013 - 13:30
He wants her. She wants him. One bed, both of them in it. Even though they are been declaring their love for each other for more than an year now, still it’s not enough for their love affair to work today even thought it worked so many times before. It’s not routine.  It’s not boredom.  It’s something we all have to face. And when you think everything will work out, here comes...

Of Snails and Men / Despre oameni si melci (2012)

10/21/2013 - 12:16
 Of Snails and Men is inspired by true events. In a small town, the state-owned car factory, which employs almost all the local men, is about to be privatized. What the workers do not know is that their manager plans to make money from the deal and approaches two French businessmen, father and son, who are interested in buying the factory but intend to convert it into a snail...

8th of March / 8 Martie (2012)

08/21/2012 - 12:18
A derelict coal mine, a tramway depot, a small ready-made clothing workshop of a former fashion house, a dairy factory, and a world of women who lived their youth in communism. In capitalism, they work in difficult conditions but they do not complain. Their simple and humane stories form a complicated historical puzzle. Routine, frustration, the fear that what they do will get...

Another Christmas (2012)

07/23/2012 - 19:16
  A boy is waiting for his parents to come back from Italy, to spend Christmas together. He hasn’t seen them for a year. On this Christmas, he must face the major crisis of his life: Is there a Santa Claus or not?

Camelia (2011)

03/21/2012 - 12:26
Florin, a thirty something man, is coming back from work. He works as a sales agent for a car company. He and his wife Alina have just moved in their new dream house in a Bucharest residential area. Secretly wanting to meet Camelia, who is in town for the week, Florin invites some old friends over. It’s Tuesday and his wife thinks it’s not the right moment. But Camelia leaves...

Superman, Spiderman or Batman (2011)

03/21/2012 - 12:23
Aron, a 5-year-old boy, sets together with his worried father on a journey at the end of which he wishes, like the superheroes in the comic books, to save his mother suffering from a heart condition.

Our Big Time (2012)

03/21/2012 - 11:25
Graz 1944. The bombs are no longer targeted at industrial towns only. All cultural centres of the so-called “Ostmark” face numerous air raid warnings per day. Even the children of these towns are now evacuated. The last wave of the children evacuation programme has begun.   Ferry and Alex, two blood brothers as defined by Karl May, are smart, bustling, curious and highly...

Somewhere in Palilula / Undeva la Palilula (2012)

03/21/2012 - 11:23
The 60’s, Romania. Serafim, a young doctor, is sent to the Hospital in Palilula, a small town lost somewhere on the country map, after the death of the previous pediatrician, Mr. Pantelică. Palilula, an authentic “Macondo” from the region of Oltenia, it’s a place where the insignificant coexists with charming things; in the hospital, the patients are perfectly healthy, and one...

The Bear / Ursul (2011)

03/21/2012 - 12:22
At the Bucharest Circus, the new young manager is trying to solve the major financial issues of the company by selling its only bear (old and about to die soon) to German hunters. But the artists do not want to sacrifice their favorite animal so the manager decides to steal the bear and run to the mountains to meet the Germans. A crazy road movie starts following the bear.  

Kino Caravan / Caravana Cinematografica (2010)

03/21/2012 - 12:19
In an isolated village in Transylvania, at the beginning of the 60’s, the people live peacefully under the leadership of Tanasie, the local People’s Council’s President. A mobile cinema, run by a young and ambitious communist activist, Tavi, arrives with the express mission of making a propaganda film screening. It’s Tavi’s first assignment and he struggles to make a success...

Train of Hunger / Trenul foamei (2010)

03/21/2012 - 12:15
Times seem to have not changed for an old veteran of the World War II. Living in a country hit by the crisis, with an insufficient pension, he must fight to survive, just like during the war and the years of famine which followed. Trying to turn into money the train travel coupons he receive free from the State, he is always on the road, accompanying to the destination the...

Ashes and Blood / Cenusa si sange (2009)

03/21/2012 - 12:11
Exiled of her country since the murder of her husband ten years ago, Judith lives in Marseille with her three children.   After having refused during years to see her family again and despite her fears and her secrets, Judith lets herself bend by her children’s desire and accepts the invitation at her cousin’s wedding. She takes her children to spend a summer back in the...

Australia (2009)

03/21/2012 - 12:08
In 2008, Romania participated for the first time in the Homeless World Cup Finals, which took place in Melbourne. This is the story of the seven players in the national squad, from the moment they came together as a team and until the end of the tournament. Go Romania!  

Birds Way / Drumul pasarilor (2009)

03/21/2012 - 12:06
Birds Way is a magical realist story, an Eastern European fairy tale - a creative documentary that follows the daily routine of an Old Believer community struggling to survive and maintain their traditions in spite of the overwhelming intrusion of modernity.   The story takes place in the picturesque, isolated scenery of the Danube Delta, Romania. The protagonist is a Russian...

Children of Uranium / Copiii Uraniului (2009)

03/21/2012 - 12:03
There are several legends about the discovery of the uranium ore deposits from Baita. Some of them say that Soviet would have been accidentally discovered the ore in the early 50’s. Others say that the Germans were informed about its existence and they even built an acces road. It is said that if the Germans would have had enough time to exploit the ore, the faith of the war...

Crossing dates / Intalniri incrucisate (2009)

03/21/2012 - 12:01
Each day of our lives brings us new encounters with our fellow-men: our paths cross, we see each other, and speak or don’t speak to each other. Then we walk away to the next encounter. Both chance and intention play a part in these encounters, and the consequences can remain like footmarks on the paths of our lives. The movie mingles 3 separate stories which take place over...

Katalin Varga (2009)

03/21/2012 - 11:54
Banished by her husband and her village, Katalin Varga is left with no other choice than to set out on a quest to find the real father of her son, Orbán. Taking Orbán with her under pretence, Katalin Varga travels through the Carpathians where she decides to reopen a sinister chapter from her past and take revenge. The hunt leads her to a place, she prayed eleven years prior,...

Oli's Wedding / Nunta lui Oli (2009)

03/21/2012 - 11:50
Alone in his kitchen in Bucharest, Dorel prepares for what seems to be a party. Actually, it’s his son’s wedding which takes place in the USA. Dorel is going to watch the wedding through a webcam toghether with two of his son’s friends. On the small display they are going to meet the bride, her father and will witness the ceremony. A bitter-sweet story about scattered families...

Weddings, Music and Videotapes / Nunti, muzici si casete video (2008)

03/21/2012 - 11:45
A 52-minute behind-the-scenes insight of the Romanian wedding industry, with cameramen, photographers and singers from all around the country in the spotlight. Their life stories, their editing styles, their hands-on-approach know-how and, of course, their performances at weddings, mix up in a shortcut-style film. George Stirbat, the 30-something one-man-show singer from the...

Chronicle of a Death Foretold / Cronica unei morti amanate (2007)

03/21/2012 - 11:42
The film tells the story of an old man, hit by a tram that is brought at a hospital morgue from Bucharest. When Cecil Bulumac (the doctor) and the nurse are ready to start the autopsy, they realize that the old man is still alive, but is serious injured and needs help. Frightened by the thought that police might come, they decide not to call a doctor, waiting for the man to...

Delta (2007)

03/21/2012 - 11:39
A quiet young man returns to the wild, isolated landscape of the Delta. It is a labyrinth of waterways, small islands and over-grown vegetation, where the villagers are cut off from the outside world.   The young man, who has been away since early childhood, is introduced to a sister he never knew he had. She is frail and timid, but resolute when she decides to join him in his...

Love Sick / Legaturi bolnavicioase (2006)

03/21/2012 - 11:36
Love. It just happens. No rules. It may look sick, but it’s deep and it hurts. For everyone, Alex and Kiki are just good friends. They happen to be two girls experiencing another kind of love. For their family, Kiki and Sandu are sister and brother who sometimes fight. They happen to be lovers. Love Sick is about their stories.

The Great Communist Bank Robbery / Marele jaf comunist (2005)

03/21/2012 - 11:33
In 1959, in Romania, six former members of the nomenklatura and the secret police organize a hold up of the National Bank. After their arrest, the state forces them to play themselves in a film which reconstitutes the crime and the investigation. At the end of their trial, filmed live, they are sentenced to death and executed. A month later, the film Reconstitution was...

Popcorn Story (2001)

03/21/2012 - 11:27
A story about the magic of cinema. A popcorn bag hiding the “stuff” is lost by the drug dealers and gets to ZET, an innocent guy who finds “MAGIC” cinema by chance and suddenly falls in love with LILI, the girl who’s selling popcorn. Another weird guy shows up and ruins all plans.