Eva lives cut off from the outside world in het sterile blue apartment. She's allergic to just about everything.

Where can I see it?

Eva is a woman over forty who suffers from a disease called SCM (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). She is allergic to all chemicals, radio waves and electromagnetic fields. This makes her unable to work and to live a normal life. Her brother is convinced that a transmitter that a mobile phone company installed on a roof opposite her window is worsening her condition. He files a lawsuit, Eva’s only chance to have an income.


  • Ágnes KocsisWriter
  • Ivo BriedisWriter
  • Gábor NémethWriter
  • Andrea RobertiWriter
  • Alain BerlinerCo-producer
  • Áron MezeiEditing
  • Gréti FellnerCasting
  • Petra VinnaiProduction Design
  • Mónika MatyiCostume Design


  • Lana BaricEva
  • Daan StuyvenAndras
  • Lóránt Bocskor-SallóGyuri
  • Maja RobertiLiza
  • Zalán MakrancziAttorney Varga
  • László KistamásAttorney Torma
  • Róbert KardosDr. Olasz
  • László KatonaDr. Szoke
  • Lili GattyánYoung Nurse
  • Stephanie SchlesserNurse
  • Caroline DaishSophie Vankleinenbreughel
  • Attila RéthlyJudge
  • Zoltán FriedenthalSalesman in Pet Shop
  • Szabolcs ThuróczyRomanian Doctor


  • Ágnes Kocsis


  • József Berger

Produced by

  • Mythberg FilmsHungary
  • Creative HoursBelgium
  • Isabella FilmsNetherlands
  • Libra FilmRomania