Wild Romania

România Sălbatică

Recorded over 10 years, România Salbatică shows the colorful beauty of Romanian nature accompanied with wildlife.

Where can I see it?

The Carpathian Mountains, the Danube River and the Black Sea, gave birth to the wildest country in Europe. The richness of this place lies in spectacular mountains, in rivers full of life, in healthy forests. Following the four seasons of the year, we will discover the life of the most emblematic animals of Romania and we will unfold the story of the most amazing natural landscapes. The journey begins with the long-awaited arrival of spring, a season of hope when most animals prepare for a new cycle of life. We will continue in summer, the season of plenty, a time when the young animals are starting to enjoy the beauty of life and accept the challenges of nature. The story will come to an end with the arrival of autumn which will turn into winter once more. The season of change will bring new challenges for Romanian wildlife, in a time when the hunters are thriving. From the high peaks of the Făgăraș Mountains, to the wetlands of the Danube Delta, we will unveil the best kept secrets of Europe’s wilderness.​​​​​​​

Recorded over 10 years, Wild Romania shows the colorful beauty of Romanian nature. From Danube river to Carpathian Mountains it describes all nature and wildlife zones that are still untouched by human activity. A journey that goes from sharp ridges to deep volcanic lakes or powerful rivers that cut every mountain in their path. After thousands of kilometers, hundreds of hours of raw footage and more than 10 years of pre-production, the feature offers never seen before images from spectacular regions, as well as singular stories about the country’s biodiversity.


  • Dan DinuScreenplay
  • Cosmin DumitracheDirector of Photography, Editor
  • Cody DubatSound Editor
  • Ioan FilipAudio mixer, Sound Designer
  • Alexei TurcanComposer
  • Dan-Ștefan RucăreanuRe-recording mixer
  • Matei VasilacheSound Designer
  • Claudiu DoagaColourist
  • Sebastian PlamadealaWorkflow Supervisor
  • Alexandru StoicaDeliverables, Credits Design
  • Alina Ioana GradSubtitler


  • Melania MedeleanuNarrator (Romanian version)
  • Adrian TitieniNarrator (Romanian version)
  • Peter VennNarrator (English version)


  • Dan Dinu
  • Cosmin Dumitrache


  • Vlad Rădulescu
  • Cosmin Dumitrache
  • Tudor Giurgiu
  • Matei Truța
  • Vlad Rădulescu

Produced by

  • Avanpost Media
  • NTD Film
  • Libra Films


  • TIFF Awards: The Audience Award · 2021
  • Gopo for Best Documentary · 2022
  • Gopo for Best Original Music Score · 2022
  • Gopo for Best Sound · 2022

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