How much is the benefit worth?
Projects can derive a benefit of up to 35-45% of their qualifying expenditure.

Is there a cap on the amount that can be raised?
Yes, there is a ceiling of €10M on qualifying local expenditure per project. The minimum local spent per project is € 100.000.

What costs are eligible?

The costs have to be for goods and services provided in Romania. They have to be directly related to production, so marketing and distribution costs do not qualify.

When is it paid?
The net benefit will be made available on completion of production, audit of the final cost statement and evidence that all the requirements have been met.

Is there a cultural test a project must pass or some other criteria it must meet? 
Yes. Projects must pass a test for European cultural and production criteria in order to qualify for the rebate. The Romanian cultural test comprises three categories: “cultural content”, “cultural contribution” and “local crew and facilities”. It’s a 35-point test, and projects must score at least 18 points.

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