“Crissea IV” goes to MIDPOINT

Crissea IV, the first feature film project of Vladimir Dembinski, was selected to participate in MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020.

MIDPOINT’s leading feature-length film program Feature Launch is designed for filmmakers working on their first and second films. Selected writers, producers and directors of 9 feature film projects will experience a year-long development platform, which takes off in January 2020 in Trieste and runs till January 2021. Moreover, 3 script consultant trainees will guide the participants in their creative process. The best project of the program will receive the Karlovy Vary IFF & MIDPOINT Development Award of 10.000 euro.

Writer and director Vladimir Dembinski previously made Tennis (2012), a short film selected in festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand, Festival Europeen du Film Court Brest, Curtas Vila do Conde. The story revolves around Adrian, a man living in a remote town called Sulina, in the Danube Delta. He struggles with himself in order to take the best decision regarding his future.

Adrian lives with his father, whom he takes care of, close to the canals of the Danube Delta. He makes a living off the fish be catches and sells, but things haven’t been going so well lately and money is a problem. Cristi, a childhood friend, tells him that a cruise ship with foreign tourists is about to arrive in Tulcea. To get money, Adrian decides to take Cristi’s boat and use it for trips to the Delta. After helping out a photographer by taking him to the best shooting locations at the pelican reservation, Adrian ends-up on the ship via invitation.

He finds a world he’s never seen before and decides to watch one of the shows at the night club. On stage he sees Maria, his high-school sweetheart. He hasn’t seen her in eight years. They end-up spending one night together on the boat, overwhelmed by memories feelings they still have for each other. The next day, Maria will sail off with the ship. Adrian has to decide if this time he leaves with her or not.

Bogdan Crăciun will produce the film on behalf of Libra Films.

The film is set to be finalized in 2021.

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