Of Snails and Men available from May 2012

The feature Of Snails and Men, by Tudor Giurgiu, is currently in post-production and will be available from May 2012.


Of Snails and Men is inspired by true events and tells the story of the workers from a Romanian factory that want to donate sperm in order to obtain funds to save their factory from being privatized.


The cast includes Romanian actors Andi Vasluianu, Monica Birladeanu, Dorel Visan, Valeria Seciu, Ion Besoiu, Ovidiu Crişan, Ion Grosu, Clara Vodă, Alina Berzunţeanu, Puya and the French actors Jean François Stevenin and Robinson Stevenin.


The script is written by Ionut Teianu. The DOP of the film is renowned Romanian cinematographer Vivi Dragan Vasile.


The Romanian company Libra Film Productions in partnership with French company Agat Films produce Tudor Giurgiu’s second feature. Tudor Giurgiu, Oana Giurgiu and Patrick Sobelman are the producers.


The budget for the production is 1.2 million Euros. The feature is financed by National Film Center, Eurimages, the MEDIA Programme of the European Unionon, Romanian National Television and HBO Romania. Also, the script was awarded with a development grant by the South Eastern Cinema Network (SEE Cinema Network).


The movie already has an international sales agent – the French company Elle Driver.