Havana, Cuba (2018)

Original title: Havana, Cuba
English title: Havana, Cuba
Director: Andrei Huțuleac
Produced by: Libra Films. In association with Hai-Hui Entertainment & Libra Film Productions
Production year: 2018
Length: 17 min.
Genre: Short film
Production status: Released

In the tragicomic short film, an ever-quiet taxi driver meets five different people over the course of one night during Christmas Holidays.

An abused runaway wife, a failed actor dressed as Santa Claus, an impossible love story of a lower class young man and two young teenagers making love in the back seat, all come together in this exotic farce of absurd proportions.

A story of loneliness and the ways in which it subtly affects individuals bringing them on the brink of hysteria, Havana, Cuba explores the broader concept of being alone in a crowded world, while never forgetting the humor and the essential love for whatever makes us human.

Writer & director: Andrei Huțuleac
Cinematographer: Constantin Ene Jr.
Editor: Valerian Bulgariu
Production design: Adeline Andreea Bădescu
Sound design: Ioan Filip & Dan Ștefan-Rucăreanu
Producer: Tudor Giurgiu
Executive producer: Adriana Răcășan
Marian Râlea
Mirela Oprișor
Alin Florea
Roșu Petru
Darie Pentelie
Alexandru Minculescu
Raluca Aprodu

Selected at:
Gopo Awards 2020 - Nominated for Best Short Film
WIFF 19 Short Film Competition
29th Edition of Film Festival Cottbus
Edera Film Festival -Treviso Italy
Arkadia Short Film Fest 2019