Of Snails and Men and Somewhere in Palilula – awarded at SEEFest

Of Snails and Men by Tudor Giurgiu, which opened the festival, received the Bridging the Borders award for best feature, while Silviu Purcărete's film, Somewhere in Palilula, received Best Feature Debut award.


“A film that is both grotesque and sublime, an operatic farce about the absurdity of Communist Romania but also the absurdity of everyday life. This is a truly ambitious, unrelenting, and intensely visual work – a film that evokes Bunuel and Pasolini – and a uniquely singular vision of what Gramschi might have called the carnivalesque.”, said the jury about Somewhere in Palilula.


Another Libra Film production screening at the festival was Tudor Giurgiu's Superman, Spiderman or Batman.


After eight editions, SEEFest became the foremost Californian promoter of South-Eastern European films. The festival presents a selection of productions from this region and promotes them via seminars, conferences and similar events organized throughout the year.


Romania's presence at the Los Angeles fest has become a tradition, here being screened, in the past decade, films by Cătălin Mitulescu, Călin Peter Netzer or Alexandru Maftei.


Recently, won the Special Mention for Best Director at the International Film and Music Festival – MEDIAWAVE'2013, which took place between April 30 and May 4 in Komárom, Hungary.

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