Superman, Spiderman or Batman – winner at the KALIBER35 Munich International Short Film Festival

The prize consists in film from Kodak for the director’s next project and time-management software from Xpert-Design.


35 films from 25 countries have been selected in the official Competition of Munich festival. These short films were grouped in themed categories named after five flavours. Superman, Spiderman or Batman was presented in the “Sweet” category.


Superman Spiderman or Batman tells the story of Aron, a 5-year old boy, who, together with his worried dad, one morning, leaves for the hospital, where he wishes, just like cartoon heroes, to save his mother from her heart disease.


The short was filmed exclusively in Cluj Napoca, in several locations from the neighborhoods of Gheorgheni, Grigorescu or Spitalul de Recuperare, with a local crew: actors Bogdan Zsolt, Cornel Răileanu, Elena Ivanca, Ovidiu Crişan, Maria Seleş, Adriana Băilescu and the film’s hero, child actor Aaron Şerban.


The script was written by Doru Lupeanu, also known for his script for the short Faţa galbenă care râde (The Yellow Smiley Face), and directed by Constantin Popescu.

The Director of Photography is Adrian Silişteanu, a long term collaborator of director Adrian Sitaru, the editor of the film is Eugen Kelemen, the casting was carried out by Kokino (Levente Molnar), who also collaborated for Morgen, and the executive producer is Bogdan Crăciun. The post-production was completed in the Chainsaw Europe studios.


In April 2012, Superman, Spiderman or Batman won the prize for ”Best fiction short film” at the Aspen Shortfest, one of the most renowned short film festivals in the United States of America. This prize makes Superman, Spiderman or Batman eligible for a nomination at the Oscars, Live Action Short Film category.


At the Aspen Shortfest Superman, Spiderman or Batman also won the BAFTA L.A Short Film Prize.


In October 2011, Superman, Spiderman or Batman won the prize for Best European Short at the 56th edition of Valladolid International Film Festival. The prize consists of 2,000 euro and in the inclusion of the film on the list of the 15 shorts that will compete at the European Film Awards 2012. Thus, Superman, Spiderman or Batman is the first Romanian film competing for the European Oscar, which will be awarded on the 1st of December 2012, in Malta.


The short Superman Spiderman or Batman is a Libra Film Productions production, co-financed by Romanian National Center and Zenith Media and realized with the support of Digital Cube.


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