We are on Netflix!

Seven of the films produced by Libra Film Productions and its sister company Hai-Hui Entertainment are now available on Netflix.com! The films can be watched exclusively on Romanian territory. 

Here’s the list: 

Breaking News (d. Iulia Rugină, 2017)

After the tragic death of his cameraman, which he indirectly caused, reporter Alex Mazilu has to make an in-memoriam reportage covering his life. Three days before Christmas, in a small town on the Black Sea coast, Alex puts together puzzle pieces of this man’s life, all seen through the eyes of his troubled 15 year old daughter. Trying to redeem the dead father, he slowly starts taking his place.

Why Me?/ De ce eu? (d. Tudor Giurgiu, 2015)

The young and ambitious prosecutor Cristian Panduru is surprised to be assigned a sensitive case involving an older colleague who has been accused of corruption. A case that could have been a springboard for his career turns out to have the opposite effect. Panduru will soon understand that he may just a pawn on a chessboard dominated by dark forces… 

Based on real events. Selected at Panorama Special, Berlinale 2015.

Aliyah Dada (d. Oana Giurgiu, 2015)

A well documented history of Jews in Romania. 133 years ago, a small community in Moineşti was leaving for the Holy Land, to establish one of the first kibbutzim in Palestine. Since then, the path of Jews towards Israel has been intertwined with the history of modern Romania through a love-hate relationship, the influences of which will not be quantified too soon. The historical tale is visually trimmed in the Dada style as a tribute to the pioneers of this movement, Tristan Tzara and Marcel Janco, two Jews of Romanian descent.

The Japanese Dog/ Câinele japonez(d. Tudor Cristian Jurgiu, 2013)

Old Costache Moldu has lost his wife, his house and a lifetime’s savings, in a flood. The unexpected return of his son,Ticu, from Japan, together with his wife and son, will bring them both in a situation where they need to learn to communicate again, thus re-becoming a family. Costache learns to be a real grandfather to his seven-year-old grandson, and Ticu does his best to fix his past mistakes.

Selected to represent Romania at the 87th Academy Awards, in the Best foreign language film category.

Of Men and Snails/ Despre oameni și melci (d. Tudor Giurgiu, 2012)

A group of desperate workers come up with the crazy idea of donating sperm in order to save their car factory from bankruptcy and, consequently, from being privatized. 

The comedy has been one of the most popular Romanian productions of the last decade and ranked no 1 in the top of the Romanian films according to the number of viewers in 2012.

Crossing Dates/ Întâlniri încrucișate (d. Anca Damian, 2008)

The movie mingles 3 separate stories which take place over two days. The characters’ paths intersect, and they affect each-other unintentionally. The three stories are united not only by the characters but also by re-readings of the same theme at different registers. This is a way of saying that every meeting happens in this way, despite outward appearances.

The Great Communist Bank Robbery/ Marele jaf comunist (d. Alexandru Solomon, 2004)

In 1959, in Romania, six former members of the nomenklatura and the secret police organize a hold-up of the national bank. After their arrest, the state forces them to play themselves in a film which reconstitutes the crime and the investigation. At the end of their trial, filmed live, they are sentenced to death and executed. After 40 years, Alexandru Solomon retraces this incredible story.